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Gearmore Rotary Cutter 200 Series - RC200-72P

  • Gearmore Rotary Cutter 200 Series - RC200-72P

Gearmore Rotary Cutter 200 Series - RC200-72P

Product Code:RC200-72P
  • $1,895.00

72" Rotary Cutter

The 200 Series Mowers feature round back design for easy maneuvering in tight corners, around trees, fences, and other obstructions. The rounded rear opening also allows for more even distribution of exiting material. All models now feature higher horsepower gearboxes, which allow for operating safely with higher horsepower tractors. The flexible floating hitch follows the contour of the terrain without putting stress on the mower and tractor. Also, hitch is designed to A.S.A.E. quick hitch standards for easy hook-up to tractor with a quick hitch system.

FEATURES: Cuts up to 1" diameter material; Flexible floating hitch follows the contour of the terrain, thus reducing stress on tractor and mower; Two 2" x 2" full length angles for main deck support; Heavy spindle pan guard; Reinforced gearbox mounting plate; Integral PTO shaft storage bracket to keep from getting contaminated; Shielded series 4 PTO shaft; Grade 5 plated hardware; Powder coated paint; Optional rubber or chain safety shielding; Unique mower stand to aid in shipping, storage, & display

SPECIFICATIONS: Hitch: Cat. 1, A.S.A.E. Quick Hitch Gearbox: 540 RPM, 40 H.P. Deck Thickness: 11 Gauge Deck Depth: 7 ½ " Side Skids: Full Length Tail-wheel: 3 ¾ " x 15" Laminated Cutting Height: 1" to 9" Blade Size: ½ " x 3" Blade Pin: 1 ½ " Diameter Drive-shaft: Shear Pin Protection or Slip Clutch

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