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John Deere 2653 B Trim Reel Mower TC2653T010560

  • John Deere 2653 B Trim Reel Mower TC2653T010560

John Deere 2653 B Trim Reel Mower TC2653T010560

Brand:John Deere
Product Code:TC2653TD10560
  • $7,999.00

This is a used John Deere 2653B trim mower that has 1478 hours on the engine and is in very good running condition.

The 2653B PrecisionCut™ Trim and Surrounds Mower can improve the appearance of many areas on the golf course. It can maintain tees, approaches, fairways, green surrounds, first-cut rough, and rough. These tough demands can put a strain on lesser frames, but not that of the 2653B mower.  The 2653B PrecisionCut frame was designed with all these demands in mind and provides excellent weight distribution and the durability required for the most-demanding terrain. The frame design keeps a low center of gravity while providing good visibility to the front cutting units and rear of the machine. A low center of gravity and a wide, 55-inch wheelbase ensure comfortable and safe operation, even in tough mowing conditions.  Wide 20x10-10 front and 20x10-8 rear turf tires provide excellent traction and stability for superior mowing performance.

The hydraulic oil cooler can be removed by removing wing nuts. The use of wing nuts makes it possible to service the oil cooler without the use of any tools.  With the three-cylinder diesel engine and a large 7.4-U.S. gallon fuel tank, the 2653B PrecisionCut gives the operator plenty of power and fuel for a great day of mowing.  The engine is a  a 19.6 hp gross,  liquid-cooled diesel engine that provides for smooth, efficient, and quiet operation. All operator controls are conveniently located on the console for easy use and location.

The deluxe seat offers seat movement from front to back. In addition, the deluxe seat features lumbar support via an adjustable seat back, armrests, and a suspension system that can be adjusted for different operator weights and comfort levels.

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